Dazzle Smile

Dazzle Smile offers teeth whitening products and sell everything you would need to get a white brighter smile. Sadly Dazzle Smile has been targeted with fraud and scams due to a third party company creating a product using the dazzle smile name. This product gave dazzle smile a bad name and people are now upset with Dazzle Smile thinking the culprit was them but it was Dazzle Smile Pro. eventually Dazzle Smile found out and sued them. Below is the lawsuit information.

Optimal Health Science and its subsidiary dazzlesmile have filed a lawsuit against performance marketing company Epic Advertising for allegedly creating “mass marketplace and consumer confusion and deception” regarding tooth whitening products sold online.

Read more: http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/118004/dazzlesmile-sues-epic-search-engines-over-ads-for.html#ixzz2AoSNfSyr

Dazzle smile is an amazing product and doesn’t deserve this slanderous reputation. Hopefully this post will reach everyone to inform them that dazzle smile is a legit product that gives real results.


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