5 Methods to Improve Your Smile

People have strived to whiten their teeth for ages. It is a known practice to be done since the times of Ancient Romans where they would use urine and goat milk to make their teeth whiter.  Studies have been done that show people with whiter teeth are seen as more intelligent or successful. The key to a whiter smile can sometimes be a mystery for many people and products claim to whiten your smile but not always produce results. Here are 5 proven methods to produce a whiter smile.

In-Office Bleaching

In-office teeth whitening can be very expensive, but it produces results very quickly.  In-office bleaching is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world today.  Dentist visits for this procedure are fairly quick and can take about 1 hour to complete the process.  This form of whitening is also known as power bleaching and unlike other methods done in the comfort of your own home that use a low dose bleaching agent, This method uses a high concentration of bleaching gel in a controlled environment to produce results quickly and safely. Based on how soon you want a whiter smile this could be the option you want if cost isn’t a factor and you want immediate results.

Teeth Whitening Strips

Teeth whitening strips were introduced in 2001 and have become the number one selling teeth whitening product in the US. You can find these strips in just about every drug store in the country. These inexpensive strips are easy to use and most of them really work. Be sure to check the amount of peroxide in them before buying because this method can usually take longer to produce results based on how strong the peroxide is they contain.

Teeth Whitening Gels and Trays

The results from teeth whitening gels and trays can vary anywhere from 3 days to a couple weeks based on how strong the peroxide is in the product. You can get these either over the counter or from your dentist, but it is recommended you get them from your dentist for the will have a stronger peroxide content and will produce results a lot quicker. Besides In-Office whitening this is probably the next best thing to produce results quickly and not as expensive. Another benefit of getting these from your Dentist and not over the counter is they will come with custom fit trays that fit your mouth perfectly.

Chewing Gums and Mints

As far as teeth whitening products go these would be newer ones on the market today. Chewing gum and mints became popular due to a demand for a whitening agent that can be used on the go in the office or just about anywhere. To make whitening chewing gum most affective, it is a good idea to chew after meals and after eating anything sweet because whitening chewing gum has the added benefit of stimulating saliva, which neutralizes the acids that cause tooth decay. You can find many brands offering these products such as Wrigley, Dazzle Smile and Orbit.

Tooth Pastes

Whitening Toothpastes work but not very effective as a purely whitening solution. Whitening toothpastes whiten by removing surface stains on your teeth caused by smoking or eating foods and drinking beverages such as coffee or blueberries. If used twice a day, whitening toothpaste typically takes two to four weeks to make your teeth whiter. Although research has shown that if you use whitening toothpastes that contain the chemical blue covarine, it can make your teeth appear whiter with immediate results. Blue covarine sticks to the surface of your teeth to make them appear less yellow. This is one of the cheapest methods to whiten your teeth so if cost is a factor, start with the toothpaste.

By Stephen Cowan, Stephen is a freelance writer and internet marketing guru with a wide range of known topics and expertise in the SEO industry.


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